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Dry scaly and fissured skin on the palmar and radial aspects of his fingers.
Erythema and swelling of the lids
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When we send the next question in a weeks time, we’ll include the answers to the previous week's question.
Example quiz
This is an example of a quiz
in the course
What happens and when does it happen?
On day one you will receive the first quiz case and related questions. A week later you will receive the next quiz along with the answers to quiz 1.
How many cases total?
There are 10 cases that will be sent to you over 10 weeks.
How do I record my answers?
You can record your answers in a seperate document or reply to each email. Email replies are occasionally monitored but we won’t be able to reply to individual submissions.
Will you reply to my answers?
Unfortunately no, the inbox is monitored but we will not be able to reply to each participant individually.
How long will each quiz take?
You can spend as little or as long on each question as you like. The more through and reasoned your answer the better your learning will be.
Do I have to answer the questions?
No, there is no obligation to answer the questions. Most of our subscribers prefer to engage with the questions and answer each one, but if you are short on time you're welcome to simply read the answers when they come in the next email.
Is there a time limit on the quiz?
We will be sending the answers weekly after each quiz so it is recommended you answer within the 1 week window.
How will you use my personal details?
Your email and personal details are used to be able to deliver and manage the quiz. From time to time we may send you other emails with related content - you are free to unsubscribe at any time.
Can I get professional development points by doing this quiz?
Unfortunately this quiz is not accredited for CPD points, but it may still be used as general learning.
What do I do if the images are not coming through?
Sometimes the emails may be delivered to your junk folder. If this happens the images won't show.

Mark the email as 'not junk' and move to your inbox to let your email provider know this is a friendly email.
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